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desk partition for anime studio


The desk partition for the animation studio. The client requested a partition that would make use of steel plates, so we designed a simple system of three separate bare steel plates. In order to block the line of sight and also minimize the thickness effect of the partition, on the distance to the neighboring seat, a 2mm thick steel plate was used which is both thin and strong. In the case of successive rows of seats, it is possible to extend the number of work stations by joining and fixing the same module steel plates, by the minimum number required in sequence. To reduce the feeling of confinement created by the rows of partitions, a checkerboard opening has been designed in the steel plate. The openings are reduced from the floor in a gradation, and when seated at eye level, all the openings are closed, creating a perfect surface to block the line of sight. In addition to the design of the horizontal line of sight required for partitions, we also aimed to have an effect on the space due to the overlapping shadows of large and small checked patterns falling on the floor.




Desk Partition