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lightflakes for LEXUS
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− permanent collection −

LEXUS Nishinomiya VIP Room
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LEXUS Koromo Owners Lounge



These are art pieces produced for LEXUS. They are part of the lightflakes series. lightflakes is an object made of light that can be reconfigured into any form according to the space, environment, or theme by carefully assembling 40mm-diameter and 0.3mm-thick lenses. These art pieces are on display in the VIP room at LEXUS NIshinomiya, and in the Owners' Lounge at LEXUS Koromo. At LEXUS Nishinomiya, the VIP room had four pedestals for art pieces at respective corners and we were asked to produce two art pieces to be respectively displayed at two pedestals diagonally opposite each other by the client. Since they already decided to display glass pieces in organic forms on the other two pedestals diagonally opposite each other, we made two lightflakes in geometric forms, respectively a sphere and an octahedron. Forms of art pieces for LEXUS Koromo are inspired from the spindle grill of LEXUS, which is one of its iconic features. Since we were also asked to design two art pieces to be displayed on the two pedestals diagonally opposite each other in the Owners' Lounge, we produced a pair of "spindle grill-inspired" art pieces that form a three-dimensional figure-ground relationship. lightflakes become a complete and unique art piece when it is positioned in a specific location and reflects surrounding lights in a specific space. Assembled lenses take on different forms according to viewpoints, while restructuring natural light entering inside as well as ambient light and inviting viewers to perceive light in new ways.




Permanent Collection
lightflakes for LEXUS



LEXUS Nishinomiya, LEXUS Koromo
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